About us

"Minds are like parachutes - they only function when open" Thomas R. Dewar

We at ACS Accountserve strongly believe that exceptional service evolves around trust, teamwork and open mindedness.  Trust that helps our clients feel confident and protected.  Teamwork that will ensure all opportunities and challenges will be handled thoroughly.  Open mindedness that will help us analyse with personal and tentative care our clients' position and will sucessfully address all parameters of their business and financial targets.

Our Clients

Our portfolio consists of local and international companies from around the globe.  



These clients are firms of all sizes, public and private, and operate in various industries; Agriculture, Banking, Construction & Real Estate, Consumer Electronic, Energy, Financial Services, Intellectual Property, Investment Holding, Investment Banking, and Retail & Wholesale. 

Our associates

At ACS Accountserve Ltd we feel that in unity we stand strong.  We have thus made it a priority to establish very close relations with many professionals in all business aspects.  Our network expands from Advocates and Legal Consultants, to Brokers and Investment Professionals, Fund Managers, Insurance Brokers and Underwriters, Marketing and Market Research Consultants, Chartered Surveyors and Professional Evaluators, IT Consultants and Land Developers.  We also work closely with all major banks and local authorities.