An amendment to the term ‘Cyprus Tax Resident Individual’ as per the Income Tax was voted into law on 14 July 2017 by the House of Representatives, effective as of 1 January 2017.

As of 1 January 2017, an individual in order to be considered as a ‘Cyprus tax resident’ must meet the following conditions:

·         not exceeding 183 days in any other country for the current tax year
·         Is not a tax resident in any other country within the same tax year

And therefore:

  i.    Stays in Cyprus for at least 60 days in the tax year
  ii.   Holds any business in Cyprus or is employed in Cyprus or holds an office in a Cyprus resident person at any time during the tax year and
  iii.  Maintains a permanent home in Cyprus that is owned or rented

it is noted that, if the employment/business or holding of an office is ended, then the individual shall no longer be considered a Cyprus tax resident for the existing tax year under the extended rules.